It is clear that charities and non-profit organizations have become a focal point of the social sustenance of the less privileged populations in and around the world and that is of growing significance to the wider peaceful co-existence of people and national development.

The return on investment in restoring someone’s smile is incalculable. They not only experience a renewed self-confidence, but many will be able to sleep and live properly for the first time in years.

The co-founders of We Are All We Need Inc are clear as to the priorities and the objectives of this organization for the foreseeable future, and are also aware of possible challenges that might be faced in creating a trusted and accountable non-profit catering for the needs of homeless youth in

Florida and has put in place sound risk mitigation measures to forestall such occurrences to achieve great success. Key to such success will be the resources available, both human and financial and the richness of programs provided by We Are All We Need Inc.

The proposed We Are All We Need Inc. is well planned to spur non-privilege youth to achieve greatness despite their challenged. This is a realistic promise of a great service to our communities and the nation through the contributions of our founders, volunteers, partners and grantors.

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We provide opportunities for youth development by establishing platforms for direct interaction through mutual learning and understanding, with the goal of helping to create a more balanced and peaceful families or communities.
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