“Creating & Cultivating The Village”

A coalition of businesses specializing in land acquisition, real estate, human services, community revitalization & Development, policy & Education all joining forces in creating the village to save our world. Together, we are all we need to heal our great land and thrive in harmony.

Membership Focus Areas

Homelessness: Actively support the village to end homelessness. Partnering with Huis Realty, LLC and Prodigee Living (APD Provider) we are providing Quality Living Facilities for;

⁃ Veterans

⁃ Homeless Men, Women & Families

⁃ Human Trafficking Survivors

⁃ Persons With Disabilities

⁃ Mental Health & Substance Abuse Clients

⁃ Transitional Living Housing for persons aging out of Foster Care

⁃ Homeless College Students


Community And Family Support “LIFELINE”

Provide a lifeline of support to those communities and families in need. WAAWN Partners with The LIFE Group, LLC to provide Needs Assessment to families and youth in adverse conditions and underserved zip codes. The LIFE Village Of Care solution provides a LIFE coach, equitable access for youth and families to new or existing programs and resources at no cost to them! Bridging the gaps such as –

-Participation Cost
-Information & Access

Women & Orphan Care

Through a full collaborative effort of all coalition members, THE VILLAGE is a complete residential supportive community development project that provides housing, employment, financial freedom & equity development for women, run-always and orphans. Developing a community that consist of up to 8 villages that provide PRIVATE rooms for 45 persons, on-site LIFECENTER (Drop-in Center) providing villagers with wellness, employment & training, education and luxury amenities!

Our goal is to provide a pipeline to successful living to our most vulnerable yet precious population, women and orphans.