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We Are All We Need Inc. is 501(c)(3) Florida based; non-profit organization which is located in Orlando, Florida. A coalition of businesses specializing in land acquisition, real estate, human services, community revitalization & Development, policy & Education all joining forces in creating the village to save our world. Together, we are all we need to heal our great land and thrive in harmony.
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You can join our movement with donation to help our cause in ending youth homelessness and prevent the transition into homelessness for youth aging out of foster care.

A single-minded focus on getting results.

We Are All We Need Inc. is established as a charitable 501(c)(3) organization to provide transitional housing for unaccompanied youth ages 18-23, and we have been dedicated to this goal since 2017. We Are All We Need Inc. provides a safe home and offers resources for young adults to continue their education, identify career opportunities, and learn the necessary life skills that will help them flourish. Our focus is to establish Living-Learning Communities that enable youth to connect with each other while succeeding academically and personally.

Program and Services

Smart Money

This program is designed for youth and young adults, approx. age 12 -24. It teaches the basics of money savings, budgeting, and early investing

Credit Workshop

This program is designed for youth and young adults, approx. ages 13-24. It teaches personal credit bootcamp, credit underwriting, business credit.

Financial Literacy

This program is designed for youth and young adults, approx. ages 12-24. It teaches savings vs investing, pathway to homeowner, early retirement planning.

Civic Engagement / Next Advocators of America Program

Everyone should have the opportunity to live in a safe, healthy, affordable home. Unfortunately, many people all over nation have stories of denied opportunity, housing instability, and how poor policies have contributed to homelessness. No one can tell these stories like someone who’s lived it. We Are All We Need Inc. supports people who have experienced homelessness or housing instability inadvocating for positive policy change.

Advocacy skills are easy to learn. The Next Advocators of America Program provides people who have experienced homelessness or housing instability with training and support to effectively make their voices heard in an advocacy context, while developing skills helpful in any environment.

The Next Advocators of America Program offers: an on-the-ground introduction to the state capitol and the basics of the legislative process, deeper knowledge of key issues, support in developing your advocacy messages, experience contacting legislators, connections to the affordable housing and homelessness advocacy movement, and other opportunities depending o each advocate’s interests.

All Walks of Life

All Walks of Life is designed to lead the future leaders in the right direction to be the best version of them. This program will involve tutoring and college prep. We would take our time and make sure our students are reaching their fullest potential, and excelling past what is given to them. It is our job to dedicate ourselves to make sure these students are getting the proper help they need.


This program is designed for students ages 5-18


We will have former school teachers and college students who are majoring in education, language and math to assist with the homework and tutoring. For our fine arts, we will have trained professionals who have a special interest and some practice in the areas they will be teaching to the students. Some products will have available for the students would be standardized testing prep, aswell as prep test for older children such as ACT and SAT testing.


The hours of operation will be from 12:00pm to 7:00pm. Students will be able to come in when out of school (between the hours of 3:00pm and 4:00pm). These will be the hours during the academic school year; however, these hours will differ during the summer. In the summer we will have a full program that will run from 8:00am to 7:00pm. In the summer we will still offer the character buildingand arts, but the educational aspect will focus on preparing students for the next school year, and/or for college prep and standardized testing. This program will be seasonal according to the seasonality of school. For instance, when children aren’t in school for winter break, we will be closed. This will not affect the business with the students, being that they are out of class and will not have anythingto do at the center if they were there. We will counter balance this time off during the summer, when our center is open throughout the entire summer period. During this time we will prepare students for their upcoming school year and whatever test preparation they need for things such as GRE, SAT, and A C T.

The mission statement of All Walks of Life is “to lead the future leaders in the right direction to be the best version of them.” The mission of All Walks of Life is to provide extra educational assistance to students who are struggling, and whose parents do not have much time to help them with work due to lack of resources or limited time. The type of service we will offer will be for the educational and character enhancement for students ages 5-18. The service we offer is assistance with, tutoring, teaching of arts (such as music, dance, etc.), and character building classes.

Our vision is to provide educational assistance and tools to students and children in low income communities to strive in all walks of life. We have goals to help them find out what paths in life are right for them, and what skills they possess that may or may not have been properly exercised. We hope to touch the lives of students in these communities to help them excel in all walks of life. The core values would be guidance, understanding, and patience.

Chess Club

Chess is one of the most-like board games played around the world. The sheer amount of brains, tactics, skills and combination that goes into chess arguably has no equivalent. This makes it a good game for developing the mind of young people. The We Are All We Need Chess Club will teach strategic theory and thought through chess, create mentor/mentee relationships for adults and children, produce the Annual We Are All We Need Chess Tournament.

We aim to bring Chess into the classroom as a learning tool, and become a haven for people of all ages to enjoy playing chess in an environment specifically designed for the development of the youth, the engagement of the mind, and the advancement of the game.

The goals of We Are All We Need Chess Club is to develop the skill of strategic theory and practice in youth ages 10-17, teach chess in schools, be the premier place in Hillsborough County, Florida for chess players to come play the game, exchange ideas, and fellowship with other chess players, enthusiasts, and fans, and develop, host, and maintain an annual We Are All We Need Chess Tournament.

We Are All We Need Chess Club will offer five basic services:

1.A weekly mentorship program for children ages 10-14 at the Boys and Girls Club of Tampa and surrounding libraries in Hillsborough County, Florida.

2.An annual chess tournament.

3.Weekly chess classes/discussions.

4.Monthly adult and children chess tournaments.

5.Facilitate a Chess-In-The-Schools program

The We Are All We Need Chess Club Mentorship Program will meet on Saturdays, and will start a new programming season on an annual basis. We will allow a maximum of 20 children ages 10-14 to participate in each session.We will go on a field trip every other month (6), and we will have one motivational guest speaker each month (12). Each month, the We Are All We Need Chess Club Mentorship Program will feature a different theme. Each theme will be expounded upon by a guest motivational speaker.